Better Brand. Better Life.

Brands you can trust

Evit Brands is a House of Brands focusing on in-house product research, development and release to the South African consumer through retail and e-commerce channels.

We pride ourselves in making life easy for consumers by bringing  quality products to consumers, promoting convenience and value while supporting our community. 





Evit Brands came about during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite the worldwide economic downturn and major job losses in most business sectors the founders of Evit Brands have always had a positive outlook and realized consumers need quality brands and exceptional service at affordable prices.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any country’s financial success and with a vision to boost economic growth and provide employment in a time of need, Evit Brands was born.

The founders of Evit Brands have a background in media, manufacturing, sourcing and project management that led innovation and helped shape culture along with an extensive network of connections to complement our product offerings.

More than 20 years of international travel to more than 25 countries the founders of Evit Brands is empowered  with a vast knowledge of different cultures as well as consumer preferences and needs by experiencing this first-hand.

Our brands give us a distinctive opportunity to create positive change while growing our business that will be to the benefit of all involved in the supply chain but most important, to achieve our purpose of making a sustainable difference in the community. 

Our mission is to bring trusted quality products to consumers, promoting convenience and making life easier whilst our mission and values reflect the actions that form the tone of how we work with each other, our partners and the community.

A Good Life For All



Evit Brands embraces change in consumer behavior towards being more eco-friendly, and therefore seek to encourage it through offering products that cause as little harm to our environment as possible when manufactured, used or when disposed of.


Evit Brands is inspired to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who buy our products. Our objective unites us in a common cause of improving more consumers’ lives in small but significant ways each day. We believe in servicing our community under the beautiful South African concept of “Ubuntu” – “I am because we all are”. To this end, we donate 10% of our profits to vetted charitable organizations..